Cyanos: Ice, Wind and Fire

Introducing a new feature here on the Screw Pile! Stories!

Well, yes, yes, I have had a tab and a link to my good friend Mr. Fox’s epic Carpathian Stories for some time, however I have now decided to go where I have never been before and have a try at writing my own story.

While the style, format and feel is very similar to the Carpathian stories, it is not ‘fan-fiction’ as such – more ‘parallel universe’. Yes, there is space stuff, with a planet, a space-ship or two, and a cast of adorable anthromorphic characters.

So. Will it be any good? Will I get laughed off the interwebs? No idea. However I am going to give it a good go.

So without further ado and unnecessary fanfare – may I present:

Cyanos – Ice, Wind and Fire

Any comments or feedback are of course very welcome.

Carparthia III: Crystal Shards





Carparthia III, is a fantasy sci-fi story written by Ian Fox (aka Zelgadis on Simtropolis).

The story follows the adventures of six friends as they are transported away from their home planet to the despotic moon Yseri.   Each in their own very different ways must then find the will to not only survive, but face the many and varied challenges that transpire along their journey.













The background scenery, and cites in the story take their inspiration from Simcity 4.