For small isolated communities that are not  big enough to support their own school, this School Bus Garage will service your isolated rural communities by “transporting” all the little Sims into the nearest town for school.
(Functions as elementary school with full tile coverage)

This rural high school is designed to compliment MTP and SPAM communities.  It provides full tile coverage, to reflect the greater catchment area of a rural school.

Yes, folks we are slowly working our way up the educational ladder… this time may we present the SPAM Univaasity, specialising in veterinary, agricultural and turfgrass science.

If the Maxis game designers wanted us to build, bigger, denser and more urban…  then they clearly had not met those of us who want to build, smaller, sparser and more rural.  This school provides full large tile coverage, educating young Sims via radio.

This pack contains five re-styled Maxis education lots

The MTP Grade School, Large Grade School, High School, Large High School, Community College

This pack contains two simple lots designed to compliment the MTP abcvs Education Pack.

Download links on this page point to the SPEX on the STEX.