Episode 43 – Watch, Listen and Learn

Cyanos Geosynchronous Orbit Bravo – CSA TET 2 Control Room

Friday – morning

Hanne: FLIGHT this is COMMS: Incoming transmission from Delta-1.

Commander Tova: COMMS – FLIGHT: On main viewer.

An holo-image of Queen Anostosia and her newest minion Number Seven filled the viewer. He looked even more cowed by his mistress than his predecessor.

Commander Tova: Bugaarian ship – we are receiving your transmission.

Queen Anostosia: My patience wears thin. Enough of your dalliance! The solaris draws near – we have waited long enough! We sense yet again that the nest has been molested and defiled! Pillaged and emptied! Stand down your ridiculous blockade, and we may yet spare some of your miserable species from total annihilation! Some of you may yet prove useful to adapt into spare parts for our bio-mechanical factory ships!

Commander Tova: Our position remains unchanged – we will not allow you to proceed further.

Queen Anostosia: Not allow?! Not allow?!

The Queen gave what could only be a laugh, but it sounded more like a mangled and mirthless cackle that had been squeezed dry of all humour through a wringer.

Enough of this outrage!
Number Seven – relay my order – ready the swarm!

The link was terminated.

Commander Tova: TACTICAL-FLIGHT: Hunde squadron – time to arrival?

Rönd: FLIGHT – TACTICAL: Three hours – one-seven minutes.

What Commander Tova really wanted to say was – shit – however she maintained her professional composure.

Commander Tova: TACTICAL – acknowledged.

COMMS – FLIGHT: Report Shuttle Indigo status.

Hanne: FLIGHT – COMMS: Shuttle Indigo left surface three-eight minutes ago, scheduled to dock in five-seven minutes.

Commander Tova: TACTICAL – FLIGHT: Dispatch fighter escort to Indigo.

COMMS – FLIGHT: Advise Indigo – expect fighter escort and have them activate SCE to AUX.

Hanne: FLIGHT: Acknowledged.

Shuttle Indigo this is TET-2; Shuttle Indigo this is TET-2: Are you receiving over? …

An hour later…

The elevator ride had been unusual. The docking bay was on deck 10-B, that is, deck 10 in apex B of the TET; one of the four tetrahedron apexes, A through D. Initially the elevator had felt like it was descending, but part way along the journey it felt as if it had made a twisting motion, re-orientated and re-adjusted the gravity and sense of ‘up’. The elevator then had the definite feeling of ascending, until it arrived on Deck 1-A in apex A.

Lambertus: The elevator rides do feel a little odd until you get used to them when travelling between each TET apex. The point of each apex in the TET is always up so the elevators need to make a twist and turn mid journey. The gravity compensators adjust the direction of the gravity, so you still arrive at the next apex with your head the right way up towards the ceiling.

Dieter: Do the gravity compensators ever malfunction?

Lambertus laughed.

Lambertus: Yes, sometimes they do – and the mayhem can be hilarious. Not to mention it makes some people throw up if they arrive at the next apex upside down.

Lambertus and Dieter emerged from the A-B elevator, (thankfully the right way up) and into the control room. As they approached the central dais Lambertus announced the new arrival.

Lambertus: FLIGHT, Lode bearer Dieter has arrived. Request permission for him to ascend the dais.

Commander Tova: Thank you SECO, permission is granted. Good morning Dieter – welcome to TET-2.

It’s been a bit busy up here this morning and it’s about to get a whole lot busier.

Please – take a seat at the Auxillary console next to CORE Officer Blaze.

The Auxillary console was to the right of CORE, and just across the aisle from the COMMS console where his sister Hanne sat. However there was no time for Dieter to even say hello to her, before things got really busy in the control room.

Rönd: FLIGHT – TACTICAL: Detecting large scale deployment from the Bugaarian ship, Delta-1.

Commander Tova gave a series of rapid fire orders.

Commander Tova: TACTICAL – Condition RED. Shields up. Fighters to advanced defensive position: Foxtrot-Oscar-Bravo.
TETNO – Alert TET 1 & 3.
GENO – Maintain optimal lemon squeezer alignment.
COMMS – Optimize lemon squeezer secure link. Identify hostiles.
ECHO – Prioritize power to essential systems.
CORE – Increase reactor to 80%.
SECO – Secure the control room.
AUX – Dieter that’s you – put on a headset – watch, listen and learn.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 43 – Watch, Listen and Learn

  1. Chris S 22 June, 2022 / 16:48

    So it is building up… interesting aspect on the multiple gravity and the fallout of such things 😀 don’t see that much in movies 😀

    • Craig 22 June, 2022 / 17:15

      Well, it’s a ‘minor’ plot point but if you want each TET apex to be up, then you have to figure out what happens to the lift in-between. It took a little bit of figuring out but I have a fine consultant in such matters. If you look closely at the TET blueprint you will see that the lift has a telescopic arm that moves in and out and also rotates mid journey. The gravity then adjusts accordingly.

  2. Shuichi Fox (@newcarpathia) 23 June, 2022 / 16:21

    First thought was “a calm before the storm” episode, but it’s not really calm, is it? Definitely a storm coming, though.

    • Craig 23 June, 2022 / 17:13

      We will be needing a bit more Windex spray for sure.

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