Episode 45 – All Lights Blazing

Cyanos Geosynchronous Orbit Bravo – CSA TET 2 Control Room

Friday – midday

Commander Tova: COMMS – FLIGHT: Get me Dog Squad Leader Schulz on the sub-space communications array.

Hanne: FLIGHT – COMMS: Dialing you through now – be advised there is a lot of ionic wash interference but the channel should be usable.

Commander Tova: COMMS – FLIGHT: Very well – on main viewer.

A distorted image of Dog Squad Leader Schulz of the Hundeerde Space Force appeared on the main viewer. The image flickered in and out of view and looked like it had come via a snow storm. The sound of harsh ionic static wash filled the control room.

Commander Tova: COMMS – FLIGHT: Can you resolve?

Hanne’s paws flew over her computer interface, making various adjustments furiously trying to resolve the link between the TET and the Hunde Squadron Leader, who was currently hurtling towards them at flank speed through hyperspace.

Hanne: FLIGHT – COMMS: Request change of station attitude to position DWD-K9.

Lionel the Guidance and Navigation Officer cut in.

Lionel: FLIGHT – GENO: Be advised – downward dog will take us out of the lane for secure lemon squeezer transmission.

Commander Tova: GENO – FLIGHT: Proceed with attitude change. Realign to squeezer once transmission is complete.

Once the attitude of the station had been adjusted, the image of Schulz, while still washed out, stabilized and the static ionic wash resolved sufficiently to improve sound quality.

Dog Squad Leader Schulz: CHEETAH this is DOG SQUAD: We are coming in hot, straight and normal, please advise your current status.

Commander Tova: DOG SQUAD – CHEETAH: Our squadron currently engaged in intense fire-fight. Losses fair to moderate but defenses holding. Request your jump from hyperspace with landing lights on full.

Schulz: CHEETAH: Understood. Expect jump in two minutes, with all lights blazing.

The holo-image flicked off.

Commander Tova: GENO – FLIGHT: Resume previous attitude.

Lionel: FLIGHT – GENO: Downward dog is secured – we’re back squeezin’ in the lane.

Hyperspace – one minute before jump

Schulz: All howlers, this is Howler One: Listen up – one minute to jump. We’re going in hot, straight and normal – have your pack fighters set jump angle at sixty degrees, landing lights to, lux full.
All howlers – report!

Howler Two: Howler Two standing by. Our pack’s jump angle is set at sixty – lux to full!

Howler Three: Howler Three standing by. Angle of the dangle is set to sixty. Lights to bright!

Howler Four: Howler Four standing by. Jump set at sixty – our lumens will be bloomin’.

Howler Five: Howler Five standing by. We are jumpin’ the fence at sixty – full beams are blazing.

Space – Forward Defensive Position, Foxtrot – Oscar – Bravo

The moment to jump had arrived.

The Hundeerde Dog Squad, led by Squad Leader Schulz made the jump out of hyperspace. They were still at some distance above the boiling cauldron that was the fire-fight between the Cyanos TET fighters and the Bugaarian bug fighters.

The Hundes came screaming down into the fray at flank speed, their attack angle set at sixty degrees. Fifty sets of blazing landing lights pointed directly at the centre of the bug swarm.

Schulz: All TETs! SOLAR FLARE!

At the pre-arranged signal, all the remaining TET fighters flared away from the fight. Each of the three TET fighter wings took a different direction and retreated to around one hundred and fifty kilometers from the centre of the battlefield to re-group. This sudden maneuver took the bugs completely by surprise, however before they could recover and decide on which direction they should go in to make chase, they were confronted by a completely new and unexpected distraction.


A solid wall of blazing white light coming straight at them. Irresistibly attractive, a clear path of beautiful, wonderful light. The entire swarm of bugs immediately turned as one and flew towards the light. Light was all they could see – nothing else mattered. What they could not see, were the fifty Hunde fighter ships, battle fresh and fully primed, their guns set to lay down a withering hail of fire and brimstone.

Schulz: Dog Squad! Fire!

The battle of the Hundes and the remaining bugs was almost over before it started. Wave after wave of electron particle disruptor fire rained down on the bugs – frying them all instantly. Before long, the battle field at Foxtrot-Oscar-Bravo was reduced to a sea of splattered crispy green.


Back at the Cerulean Meridian, yet another lieutenant had just lost his head.

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Commissioned space battle images by Colourbrand

4 thoughts on “Episode 45 – All Lights Blazing

  1. Chris S 1 July, 2022 / 04:07

    NOW WE ARE COOKING!!! 😀 Your battle of Scarif sir?

    • Craig 1 July, 2022 / 06:54

      Scarab maybe. Crispy fried.

    • Craig 5 July, 2022 / 17:18

      Yup. Pretty much.

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