Screw Pile Exchange – SPEX

Welcome to the Screw Pile Exchange…  or you guessed it…  (in keeping with all those other PLEX’s STEX’s and LEX’s out there…)  …SPEX for short…  yeah whatever… had to call it something eh.

The links which can be accessed by the drop-down sub-menus from the main SPEX button, will either download a zip file directly to the default download location of your browser or point to the SPEX on the STEX at Simtropolis.

While these lots have all been extensively tested, by a number of different players, no guarantees are expressed or implied that they will work on any particular system, and they are offered on an ‘as is where is’ basis at the risk of the user…  but I pretty much have to say that to cover my ass!   ..but seriously they are fine…   mostly… I think.   Yes.   Pretty much.

Each file comes with a ‘Read Me’ which stangely enough, should be read carefully before installing on your computer.

Almost all these lot files will require other third party files or ‘dependencies’ to allow them to function correctly in game.   Links to these dependencies are provided in description on the Simtropolis download page.

*NOTE – The readme files contain links to the PLEX on which is no longer available, however all dependency files are still available at the PLEX on the STEX at Simtropolis.

The three most common places to get needed dependency files are:

The PLEX (Pegasus Lot EXchange) now hosted on the STEX at Simtropolis.

The STEX (SimTropolis EXchange)

The LEX (BSC Lot EXchange)

Registration is is not required on the STEX, however there is a download limit for guest users.  Registration is recommended.

Again I can’t stress enough how important it is to always ‘read the read me’ file as often there is important information, to enable the lot to work correctly in your game…  but I think I already said that, (but it must be important.)

The best place to get support for any of my custom content is in the PLEX on the STEX – Community Support thread at Simtropolis.