SC4Fix – by Simmaster07

What does this do?

  • Fixes a serialization bug that could corrupt the savegame, particularly when mods are installed that modify existing exemplars (AKA – Prop Pox).
  • Resolves a crash-to-desktop when hovering NAM puzzle pieces over transit-enabled lots.
  • Allows other DLLs to load into SC4‘s memory without a GZCOM framework.

This fix is made for versions 640 and 641 of SimCity 4 on Windows. Version 640 is a fully-patched SC4 retail copy, and version 641 is a fully-patched digital distribution version (i.e. Steam, Origin, GOG). Although v641 is supported, it has only been officially tested on Steam.

Unzip to Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins.

To see if SC4Fix is working properly, check the title of your game window. If you are playing in fullscreen mode, alt-tab out and hover over the SimCity taskbar icon. The titlebar will show “SC4Fix (version #)” if loaded properly.

Repairing cities already affected by Prop Pox
Thanks to kingofsimcity for these instructions:

  1. In the region view, open the graphics settings and change City Detail to Low.
  2. Close and relaunch SC4.
  3. Open the offending city tile and save immediately.
  4. Exit to region without saving and change City Detail back to High.
  5. Close and relaunch SC4.
  6. Open the offending city tile and save again.

Download SC4Fix here