SPAM – SimPeg Agricultural Mod


SPAM Commercial Growable – CS$ 


SPAMMAr – SPAM Municipal Airport

This airport is the second largest, designed to compliment SPAM and MTP communities and will replace the Maxis Municipal Airport.
The parking lots are transit enabled for vehicles.
All costs, stats and lot size remain the same as the Maxis original.


SPAM – Small Landing Strip

Way back in June 2010 the MTP abcvs Small Landing Strip one of my first ever lots was released.  It was also pre-spam so did not include any of the better props and textures from that pack.

The landing strip has now been given a mini make-over with a few of the newer SPAM props and textures.  The movie set trailer check in facilities have been given a small upgrade to an A-Frame chalet. The rollo-gate prop has now also been fixed, and the main gate will now open and close properly.  The parking lot is now transit enabled for vehicles and pedestrians.

This lot will replace the Maxis Small Landing Strip in-game however all costs and stats remain the same as the Maxis original.

To install unzip and place the lot file in:
Documents/Simcity 4/Plugins

**If you are using the original MTP abcvs Small Landing strip please delete that file from your plugins and replace it with this one.


SPAM – Rural Passenger Station 

This rural passenger station is designed to compliment SPAM and MTP themed communities.   The lot will plop one of five different station buildings, and features various timed props that will appear during the day.

The station is transit enabled for both passenger and freight trains.  The parking lot is also transit enabled for vehicles.


SPAM – Rural Rail Halt

This small rural rail halt is designed to compliment SPAM and MTP themed communities, that has a quarter the capacity of a regular train station.

The parking lot is transit enabled for vehicles.

SPAM Rural Rail Halt – Dirt
SPAM Rural Rail Halt – Gravel

SPAM – F.A.R.M. (Factory abcvs Rural Module)

The crops have been grown, and the milk has been produced. Will we simply resign ourselves to the fact that all our produce will simply disappear out of the tile via the nearest road or rail neighbour connection, to line some corporate processing companies pocket… to be sold back to us at ‘export prices’ or do we at least want to cream some of the benefit for ourselves?
The answer is SPAM – F.A.R.M. and it is now ready to come to a agricultural tile near you!
That’s right… Local crops and local farm produce processed locally! …and incidentally all the essential ingredients needed for the classic ploughman’s lunch…
…Bread, Cheese and Beer!

This pack contains 4 Factory abcvs Rural Module lots.
Clevedon Valley Cheese Factory
Clevdon Valley Dairy Co-Op
Alan’s Ale House and Brewery
Fukitol Flour Mill

SPAM – R.A.V.E. (Rural Ancillary Veterinary Extension)

The Rural Ancillary Veterinary Extension, provides an essential large animal veterinary service to your rural areas.
Also to be found in the larger version of the clinic are Angus and Fergus, the resident AI bulls.
Also in residence are the ewes, Dolly, Molly, Holly, Polly, Woolly, … and Bob. (He is the ram).

SPAM Equine Veterinary Clinic 2×5
SPAM Large Equine Veterinary Clinic 5×5
*Operates as a hospital in game.

SPAM – R.U.M.P. (Rural Udder Ground Moo-vement Provider)

As we know Maxis never intended for us to actually play rural, sparsely populated tiles, we are ‘supposed’ to start with a few farms and then slowly but surely build our tile into a super high density urban city.
Well tough cow titty Neil Fairbanks… some of us do actually like to spread out in vast rural expanses, here a house, there a house… with plenty of room for farms, trees, lakes and rivers, in between.
The problem is that if we isolate your Sims up a winding gravel road… they tend to grizzle about long commutes, especially the higher wealth ones. This is actually a limitation of the way the game was designed… but fret not! There is a solution! Simply make them think that they are living in a modern urban city with all the modern transport options at their doorstep!
This is where the SPAM Rural Udderground Moo-vement Provider or R.U.M.P. solves this problem. Simply place a few of these R.U.M.P’s near where your Sims live and then place a few more R.U.M.P’s where they need to work… like the farm down the road or even (gasp) the town several km’s away. Then simply connect all the R.U.M.P’s by dragging a S.P.A.T. (SPAM Access Tunnel)… (Press Shift-T in game)… and your Sims will happily transport themselves to wherever they need to go.

*As an added bonus, R.U.M.P lots are fully compatible and interconnect with regular subway stations. S.P.A.T. is also fully compatible with your regular subway tunnels, once you do actually reach urbanised civilisation.

SPAM – Bus Stop

The SPAM and MTP are designed to compliement each other, however if pine trees are not quite the right look in a certain spot then here is the ever faithful and popular MTP Bus Stop given a SPAM make over.

This pack contains two bus stops; a 1×1 and 2×1.

SPAM – Chicken Ranch

The SPAM Chicken Ranch is re-lotted from the original…
“…a tranquil poultry farm for your rural and agricultural regions. The classic Victorian style ranch house graces the lot which abounds with plenty of aggie charm in a down-home country setting”
Yeah Right… if you believe that old load of crap…. !
… this new version continues to provide the same high standard of ‘service’ and rustic charm as the original.

SPAM – Farmers Market

The original Maxis Farmer’s Market has now been given a complete SPAM makeover to compliment and fit better with the look of your SPAM rural communities.

Two lots 3×3 and 4×4.

The SPAM 3×3 Farmer’s Market is a direct replacement for its Maxis original (while it is installed). It retains the same stats and properties, and will become available at the same stage as the original. The SPAM 4×4 Farmer’s Market, is a slightly bigger version, and will appear alongside the 3×3 as an extra. Both lots can be used together.

SPAM – Fire Landing Strip

*SPAM Fire Landing Strip
*SPAM Deluxe Fire House
The SPAM Fire Landing Strip is a re-lotted version of the Maxis Fire Landing Strip. However because it now uses the MTP Fire House building, from the MTP Fire Station, it shares the same costs, coverage and properties as the original lot and simply functions as a fire station.  If the SPAM Deluxe Fire House is built it will then activate the UDI fire plane on the SPAM Fire Landing Strip.

SPAM – Ploppable Fields

Sim City Mayors can be tricky customers to work with at the best of times, especially if they ‘absolutely want’ say a tomato field in a certain place for a certain reason. The answer of course is for a friendly lotter to whip up a quick 1×1 lot. You would then be forgiven for thinking that everyone would now be happy… but ooh noo… if only life were so simple!

To compound matters further, then of course, inevitably, an even really, really, fussier mayor will come along that now demands that he absolutely wants to put his tomato rows on an irregularly shaped field, …but on a transparent tile, thank you very much, if you please, because let’s face it the the dreaded diagonal zig zag look of base textures is to be absolutely avoided… because well… that looks really really naff… even though Simcity custom content developers have been trying for years to overcome this particular visual scourge.

Can these demands be satisfied? Should we even attempt to satisfy them? Well yes.. and yes if it suits us to and if we feel like it…

Crop Singles 1×1 (8 lots)
Crop Diagonals 1×1 (10 lots)
Tree Singles 1×1 (8 lots)Tree Diagonals 1×1 (8 lots)

Important Note:
When plopping some of seasonal crops (eg: wheat, rye, barley) they will not appear for a full game year seasonal cycle. The seasonal crop singles will plop with only a base texture, and the seasonal diagonal crops will appear to be initially invisible, (without props) until the first seasonal cycle is complete. To speed up the process, simply put the game on cheetah speed (ctrl – 3) and the crops will appear and then cycle as normal.

These lots are ideal for planting certain types of crops in specific areas, making small repairs to zoned and grown crop fields, and also provides a quick fix for the ‘no access zot’ problem that affects some variable shaped lot (VSL) zones.

SPAM – abcvs Growable Add-on

This pack of growable lots is designed as an addon to the Core SPAM Mod. The lots all have SPAM textures and props and are fully SPAMpatible.
The pack contains 53 individual lots.

SPAM-MTP R$ Growable Log Cabins

This pack contains a set of 23 growable low wealth cabins that have been re-lotted from the original PEG-MTP Growable Low Wealth Residential set.

R$ SPAM Log Cabins (12)
2×5 – 3 variations
3×5 – 4 variations
5×5 – 5 variations

R$ Pine Log Cabins (11)
2×5 – 3 variations
3×5 – 4 variations
5×5 – 4 variations

Like the originals these lots require a custom zone to grow. Select the low density residential tool (shortcut – Q) and then press the ctrl key and drag the zone to the required size, 2×5, 3×5, or 5×5. The orientation of the lot can be changed by pressing the Alt key.

SPAM-MTP R$$ Growable A-Frames

This pack contains a set of 36 growable medium wealth A-Frames that have been re-lotted from the original PEG-MTP Growable RES – R$$ A-Frames set.

R$$ SPAM A-Frames (18)
2×5 – 6 variations
3×5 – 6 variations
5×5 – 6 variations

R$$ Pine A-Frames (18)
2×5 – 6 variations
3×5 – 6 variations
5×5 – 6 variations

Like the originals these lots require a custom zone to grow. Select the low density residential tool (shortcut – Q) and then press the ctrl key and drag the zone to the required size, 2×5, 3×5, or 5×5. The orientation of the lot can be changed by pressing the Alt key.


SPAM-MTP R$$$ Growable Lodges

This pack contains a set of 8 growable high wealth lodges that have been re-lotted from the original PEG-MTP Growable RES – R$$$ lodges set.

R$$$ SPAM-MTP Lodges
5×5 Alpine Inn – Pines (1)
5×5 Alpine Inn – SPAM (1)
5×5 Lodge – Pines (4 variations)
5×5 Lodge – SPAM (1)
6×6 – Alpine Inn – Pines (1)

Like the originals these lots require a custom zone to grow.  Select the low density residential tool (shortcut – Q) and then press the ctrl key and drag the zone to the required size, 5×5 (6×6 for the Alpine Inn).  The orientation of the lot can be changed by pressing the Alt key.



PEG-SPAM Super Resource – (Note: This file is not required if you have the full SPAM mod)

PEG-MTP Super Resource Pack

Links now point to the SPEX on the STEX.