This pack contains six 1×1 lots, four with different geothermal steam effects, and two with geyser effects.

If you dare, take a walk through these woods… You may meet, a ghostie, a ghoulie or even a zombie, be lovingly enveloped by the haunted mist, or be tickled by the haunted lightning.

This pack contains two filler lots to use with the Haunted Woods.

Grass lots to match with the MTP theme.

This pack contains a set of narrow walking trails, similar to the PEG Mountain trails.

These trails can be used summer or winter and use the snow path texture  from the PEG – Snow Resort.  In summer, the trail will feature a gravel path.  In winter, (with the PEG Snow Mod Installed) it adapts to the snow and features foot print tracks in the snow.

This pack offers two basic wilderness camp sites (textured and un-textured) and is for those that want to get away from it all, inculding hot showers and flush toilets.  Bring your own spade.  It can be placed ‘off trail’ and offers a place to pitch your tent and a couple of bushes to well you know…  use your spade.

Download links on this page point to the SPEX on the STEX