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Screw Pile BadgeWelcome to Screw Pile Developments, Simcity 4 South Pacific Down Under Division…  or here just Screwpile for short.

Now, I know that all may sound rather grandiose, but you do have to call yourself, and the stuff you put on the interwebs, something, and that something is the name that I use for anything that I make for the city building and simulation game, Simcity 4 Rush Hour made by Maxis / EA Games.

This site is designed to be just a small corner of my Simcity 4 world, where I can share some of the things that I have made, share some of my knowledge of the game, and hopefully help anyone else that comes across it enjoy the game of Simcity 4 Rush Hour as much as I do.

Simtropolis hosts my City Journal (CJ), Auckland & Greater Region which was started way back in July 2009, and now has over 120k views, last time I checked…  but who is counting really…?   Me apparently.

Here on the Screwpile, you will find a bit of a blog, of random, but hopefully interesting (to me anyway) stuff, different pages of Simcity 4 stuff, galleries of pictures, a download area for lots, useful links and game tutorials.

Gaming Setup

I play Simcity on an ageing yet faithful, 2008,  HP Pavillion dv5 laptop… and some other specs which I will have to rummage around to find.

:rummage rummage:

Processor: AMD Turion(tm) X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-70 2.00 GHz

RAM: 3.00 GB

System Type: 32-bit Operating System

Windows Edition: Originally Vista, later upgraded to Windows 7

I have it connected to a HP x2301 flat screen monitor, via an HDMI cable with full size key board and mouse.

Edit: Actually…  scrub that…  that lap top got stolen a couple of years ago…  now I play SC4 on an even older HP Pavillion box with XP…   it is old and slow but plays SC4 just fine!

::  mutters something about his sons fancy gaming computer with all sort of fancy processors and graphics card…  ::

Edit Edit 26 Mar 17:  yeah, well actually…  to be honest, not really playing SC4 these days, the old XP box is currently sitting very unloved in the closet, and the screen has long been taken by the younger son…


Many thanks go to all my friends in the Simcity Community, in particular Pegasus one of the God Father’s of SC4 custom content, who for many years, ran the little site with a big heart, which sadly is no more, but now lives on at least in part at Simtropolis with the PLEX on the STEX.

I would also like to acknowledge my fellow former Simpeg staffers, (aka the ‘NightOwls’ team); Paeng, Shokthrpy, Epicblunder, and Murimk who relentlessly inflicted our worst on the Simpeg corner of the Simcity 4 custom content world!

No acknowledgements would be complete without Zelgadis the ‘evil’ Administrator over at Simtropolis, who is both mentor (tormentor?!), but (most importantly) a good friend.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please use the contact form.

Edit: 26 March 17…  yes the contact form still works and I will probably reply…

The best place to get support for any of my custom content is in the PLEX on the STEX – Community Support thread at Simtropolis.

So take a good look around, help your self to to a download or three, poke about, but most of all enjoy!


(AKA – Craig-Abcvs)

PS:  Please leave the seat up in the bathroom…

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