Cyanos Space Agency: TET-2 Control Room

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Control Room Commissioned from Falke2009

Blue Print

Central Dais Officers

Flight – Tactical – Seco

FLIGHT: Flight Director – Commander Tova

TACTICALTactical and Defensive Systems Officer Rönd

SECOSecurity Officer Lambertus

Echo – Core – Auxiliary

ECHOElectrical, Environmental and Combined Systems Officer Calico

CORE: Core Reactor Engineering Officer Blaze

AUXILLARY: Multi Use Console


COMMSCommunications and Sensors Officer Hanne

TETNO: TET-NET and Network Officer Wolfgang

GENO: Guidance and Navigation Officer Lionel

Central Dais 1

Central Dais 2

Coffee Machine

Auxiliary Consoles

Lift – Stairs 1

Lift – Stairs 2