Cyanos: Ice, Wind and Fire

Introducing a new feature here on the Screw Pile! Stories!

Well, yes, yes, I have had a tab and a link to my good friend Mr. Fox’s epic Carpathian Stories for some time, however I have now decided to go where I have never been before and have a try at writing my own story.

While the style, format and feel is very similar to the Carpathian stories, it is not ‘fan-fiction’ as such – more ‘parallel universe’. Yes, there is space stuff, with a planet, a space-ship or two, and a cast of adorable anthromorphic characters.

So. Will it be any good? Will I get laughed off the interwebs? No idea. However I am going to give it a good go.

So without further ado and unnecessary fanfare – may I present:

Cyanos – Ice, Wind and Fire

Any comments or feedback are of course very welcome.

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