Road Trip – June 2012

The boys and I took a road trip in the last week of June.

The town of Coromandel is straight out of the ‘Mountain Theme Pack’.

Main Street

Rural Fire Station (Volunteer) – note the siren to alert the firefighters to come to the station for calls.

Original Fire Station and Ambulance Station

The Ambulance Officer, also works at the butcher, and carries a pager, for calls.

Coromandel Police Station

2 thoughts on “Road Trip – June 2012

  1. Katie Isabella 21 July, 2012 / 23:24

    This is very like our many volunteer fire departments and rescue squads throughout the Country where the towns are too small to support or have a “regular” fire department and ambyulance squad.

    • craig-abcvs 22 July, 2012 / 00:03

      Volunteer Fire Fighters and Ambulance Officers are the back-bone of rural New Zealand emergency services.

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