SC4-RH SKU Updates

These are the official Maxis updates for Simcity 4 Rush Hour.

…or just grab them here:

SKU 1 Update – ( North America, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Australia, and New Zealand.)

SKU 2 Update – (South America, Africa (except South Africa), Europe, Russia, Mexico and Central America.)

These original and unmodified files (formerly available on the now closed are made available here as a free service to the players of the SC4 community.

They are offered for download on the understanding that they remain the copyrighted intellectual property of Maxis / Electronic Arts (EA).

The following updates are also available here at SC4Devotion:

SKU 3 Update – ( Korea, Thailand, Tawain, and (some parts of) Hong Kong.)

SKU 4 Update – (China)

SKU 5 Update – (Japan)

*Check the SC4 case to see which one you have, it is possible for example to have purchased a North America version, in Europe, choose whatever region it says on the case.


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