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Darling Buds of “May”

Posted: 29 August, 2012 in snippets
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Well, since we are in the southern hemisphere, spring officially starts on 1st September…

However, our plum tree certainly thinks that spring is here!


A still from the 360-degree panorama on Mars. Photo / Supplied

Explore 360 – degree “Street View” on Mars

NASA has released a 360-degree panoramic view of Mars that anyone with an internet connection can navigate.

The Mars Curiosity Rover captured the 360 panoramic view using its navigation cameras.

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White Island. File photo / supplied

Scientists have confirmed that White Island has erupted and continues to blast ash into the air, indicating the start of a new phase of volcanic activity on the island.

However, as White Island produces a series of eruptions, Mt Tongariro appears to be quieting down.

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Lightning seen around erupting White Island

Flashes of lightning have been reported coming from White Island as the volcano continues to erupt since Sunday.

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Tongariro Ash

NASA has released an image of the ash plume stretching out from Mt Tongariro shortly after it erupted on Monday night.

The central North Island volcano erupted at 11.50pm, the first time in more than 100 years.

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A cloud hangs above the mountain this morning. Photo / Twitter / @richardshype

A huge ash cloud is covering the central North Island as Mt Tongariro erupts for the first time in more than a century.

Roads were closed, flights disrupted and nearby residents have been advised to stay indoors as ash and rock spews from the mountain.

The volcanic alert level for Mt Tongariro has risen from 1 to 2, while the aviation colour code has been raised to red.

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New Zealand has earned two gold medals in the space of 50 minutes at the London Olympics after two impressive rowing performances at Eton Dorney tonight, adding to the gold won in the men’s double sculls yesterday.

New Zealand rower Mahe Drysdale in action in the Semifinal of the Men's Single Sculls. Photo / Brett Phibbs


Olympics: Who are those cyclists at the rowing?

Who are the cyclists keeping pace with the rowers at the Olympics? Why have a B final? And what exactly is a repechage anyway? NZ Herald’s David Leggat answers all the questions you were too afraid to ask.

1: Who are those cyclists keeping pace with the rowers?

Coaches of the crews. Rather than try and watch how their charges are performing from 1500 metres away with binoculars, they cycle alongside, all the while keeping an eye on traffic in front.



Hamish Bond and Eric Murray react after earning New Zealand its second Olympic gold medal. Source /Brett Phibbs NZ Herald

Unbeaten for four years!

Hamish Bond and Eric Murray have earned New Zealand its second Olympic gold medal. Photo / Chris Carlson.

Well done lads!

Olympics: Gold for New Zealand Rowers

Yip and a Go Gets Gold for Kiwi Rowers

Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan